What is Outplacement?

2020 has been a year unlike any other in our memory. Many firms are reviewing their business models and requirements, meaning their ‘organisational structure’ is also high on the agenda.

‘Outplacement’ is a tailored service to support individuals, exiting a business as a result of, redundancy or re-deployment through restructure. Tessa and Jenni have worked on projects together for 18 years and have over 40 years joint recruitment experience. We work with your employees to support the transition of internal transfer, or from ‘consultation’ and preparing to leave their position, to securing a new role as quickly as possible, with confidence and a new understanding of their skills.


Placing Employees at risk of redundancy is often a stressful and unpracticed part of a Manager’s job. But by utilising our tailored services, we can reduce your workload and anxiety from the process.  Showing existing teams and candidates of the future that you are investing in your people and practicing a genuine duty of care, reinforcing cultural branding and values during a very harrowing situation. We provide total flexibility around your requirements, relevant to your people and organisational budget.

The Benefits of Outplacement

  • Gives exiting Employees confidence and recognition of transferrable skills in a changed market encouraging new employment quickly
  • Reduces the risk of processes reaching Tribunal
  • Reduces the potential value of a claim should a case reach Tribunal
  • Unbiased support for your business, alleviating stress from Managers and HR
  • Alleviates stress in the workplace, encouraging productivity and time lost due to sickness, stress and process avoidance
  • Boosts morale and motivation for existing Employees
  • Employer brand protection which will encourage positive online company reviews –  Glassdoor / Google / Social Media etc.
  • Assisting future candidate attraction, indicating you are still an employer of choice with a duty of care to your people
  • Supports Mental Health and Wellbeing in the workplace – a key focus of employment emerging from 2020

Tailored Outplacement Services

We provide unbiased support to your Employees and Managers in the following areas to give confidence, resilience and empowerment:

  • CV review and design
  • Effective cover letters / emails
  • Online job market navigation
  • Job application guidance
  • Exit interviews
  • Mediation – independent observation / criteria interviews with full feedback
  • Interview skills – coaching and competency response training
  • Internal Interviewing for restructuring