My new assistant

I am thrilled to introduce our new Front of House Assistant, Duke Godfrey Masson!

Duke comes in to the office every day and has proven to be so popular, with regular visitors all looking for a mood boost during the working day!  He is fast learning the office etiquette, however as he is still a puppy, he does get over excitable and needs regular play breaks and doesn’t realise that not everyone wants puppy kisses!  Duke loves a cuddle and regularly participates in Teams meetings!  Sadly, Patch passed away at the end of 2022 and is missed by us all so Duke has big paws to fill.

The office is buzzing!

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The new Platinum Business magazine, has landed on my desk today.

I am buzzing and overjoyed, to see that our independent, boutique consultancy, is detailed in the same magazine, that features the prolific Kamala Harris on the cover!  As well as the exclusive brands of Harrods and Lamborghini.  Any businesses that are interested in the Kickstart Scheme, or hiring talent the more traditional way, please do get in touch!

Here is the article, featured on page 8.



Kickstart Scheme

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The government are covering the employment costs for 6 months for new employees, signed up through the Kickstart Scheme. They are providing funding to create new job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit.

Many employers that have signed up for the Kickstart Scheme are receiving high volumes of cv’s to filter. I am working with businesses and the the Freedom Works Kickstart Brochure pdf gateway, to free up their time, by filtering cv’s, compiling candidate shortlists and conducting first stage interviews. Ultimately saving you time, to run your business and then being presented with the most suitable candidates for the role.
Employers of all sizes can apply for funding which covers:
• 100% of the National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage depending on the age of the participant) for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months
• Associated employer National Insurance contributions
• Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

For companies wishing to utilise this service, please contact me to discuss further.

BREXIT – REC Press Release

As a member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, we are regularly kept up to date with the ever changing issues surrounding employment and the law.  I thought it would be of interest, for you to see their Press Release following today’s exit from Europe.

‘Brexit mustn’t break UK jobs machine’ – REC

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Friday, 24 June 2016

Responding to today’s announcement that the UK has voted to leave the European Union, Recruitment & Employment Confederation Chief Executive Kevin Green says:

“The vote to leave the EU is likely to usher in a challenging period for British business and for the UK labour market in particular. Our data has shown a slowdown in hiring as we approached the Referendum. We expect to see this period of uncertainty continue.

 “Nothing will change overnight. There will be a prolonged period of renegotiation and readjustment. During this time government needs to do everything possible to help businesses to grow and create jobs.

“That involves outlining a timetable of renegotiation to help organisations make informed strategic decisions. We call on policy-makers to set out the plan for implementing changes to employment regulations such as the Agency Workers Directive and the Working Time Directive. 

 “We need to ensure that British businesses continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available. Access to talent is absolutely vital to sustainable economic growth and prosperity. In sectors such as healthcare, education, hospitality, construction and manufacturing, workers from the EU are vital and any change to our immigration system needs to recognise that.

 “We hope that today’s Referendum result leads to a step-change in the way we prepare current and future jobseekers in the UK, so that new entrants to the jobs market are better equipped with the skills and attitude that employers need. Employers, educators and government must seize the initiative and create a pipeline of talent so that individuals and businesses continue to thrive in the post-EU era. Over the coming weeks we will be consulting our members so that the recruitment industry is ready to play its part.”   

Minimum Wage and National Living Wage – an overview


There are a number of people who are not entitled to the NMW.

  • Self-employed people.
  • Volunteers or voluntary workers.
  • Company directors.
  • Family members, or people who live in the family home of the employer who undertake household tasks.

All other workers including pieceworkers, home workers, agency workers, commission workers, part-time workers and casual workers must receive at least the NMW.


National Living Wage

The Government’s National Living Wage is introduced today, on 1 April 2016 for all working people aged 25 and over, and will be set at £7.20 per hour. The current National Minimum Wage for those under the age of 25 will continue to apply.  Employers need to ensure that they are paying their employees the correct rates of pay in all instances.

Generally all those who are covered by the National Minimum Wage, and are 25 years old and over, will be covered by the National Living Wage these include:

  • employees
  • most workers and agency workers
  • casual labourers
  • agricultural workers
  • apprentices who are aged 25 and over and who have completed their first year of apprenticeship.

Penalties for failure to comply

With the introduction of the National Living Wage the penalty for non-payment will be 200% of the amount owed, unless the arrears are paid within 14 days.

The maximum fine for non-payment will be £20,000 per worker. However, employers who fail to pay will be banned from being a company director for up to 15 years.

The Low Pay Commission

The Low Pay Commission which currently recommends the level of the minimum wage will recommend any future rises to the National Living Wage rate.

The difference between the National Living Wage and the Living Wage

The new National Living Wage is different from the Living Wage, which is an hourly rate of pay and updated annually. The Living Wage is set independently by the Living Wage Foundation and is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK. Employers choose to pay the Living Wage on a voluntary basis.

Details provided by ACAS

Happy New Year

Wishing all my candidates and clients a very happy, healthy and successful 2016.  If you are looking for a new challenge, or for a new team member, please do not hesitate to contact me for an informal discussion.  I look forward to working with you…

With best wishes,



Newspaper Article in 2003

Here is a newspaper article run by the Crawley News back in 2003 when Masson Appointments was launched.  So much has happened since then.  Always follow your dreams!

Arundel Arrival

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Arundel community and thank you to Barb Hogan for all her support with the announcements on the town’s website and also on their Facebook page.

I am very keen to support the local businesses to find top talent and love the view from my office of the Castle!  For more information about “what’s on in Arundel, as well as some fantastic business listings, please view:

Recruitment Business Opens in Arundel

Arundel has a new recruitment business in town.

Masson Appointments owned by Tessa Masson has opened in the High Street. Her offices are in the Old Bank House opposite the Town Quay.

If you are looking for employment or needing staff go and see Tessa. Her 18 years of experience within the recruitment businesses ensures Tessa helps to create perfect professional matches.​

REC – The Good Recruitment Campaign 2015 Charter

We are wholeheartedly behind this campaign to raise standards within the industry and for both clients and job seekers alike.


What is this about?

To become as successful as possible in the attraction, selection and hiring of people, it is vital to ensure that good practice prevails throughout the resourcing process. The campaign, created by businesses for businesses, exists to promote the critical importance that good recruitment practice plays in organisational success. As demand returns to the economy and businesses are looking to hire more staff, fine-tuning their resourcing strategies becomes critical. This is the right time to create a national focus on good recruitment. The campaign will help organisations to reinvigorate their recruiting strategies so they provide a better candidate experience and work more effectively with their recruitment partners.


  • To promote recruitment good practice to UK employers of all sizes, whether in the public or private sector
  • To establish a community of HR, talent, internal resourcers, procurement professionals and business leaders, to champion good recruitment practice
  • To move good resourcing  up the corporate agenda as talent becomes more business-critical
  • To help businesses to benchmark their current resourcing practice and seek areas to improve
  • To provide guidance and tools for employers to benchmark how effective they are in applying recruitment good practice
  • To provide tools for REC members so that they can promote good recruitment to their clients
  • To promote flexible working and different employment models for employers to consider early in the recruitment process
  • To enable organisations to demonstrate to candidates that they aspire to deliver a good recruitment experience
  • To create competitive advantage by building an employer brand that helps attract today’s hard-to-find talent
  • To carry out specific research into new  approaches in recruitment, and to share this with the Good Recruitment community.